About Us

Simultaneously, Taylor and Courtney Tribble, and Paul Colatrella and Amy Brown were looking to start a farm...
Paul and Amy, professionals in NYC with a weekend property in upstate NY, had some good agricultural land and a remodeled barn but lacked the time and know-how to turn their dreams of a farm into reality. Thus, they began their search for folks to work the land and act as caretakers for the property.

At the same time, Taylor and Courtney Tribble, experienced farmers who lacked the capital to buy land and equipment, were looking for an opportunity to start a farm of their own. As is often the case today, a new farming model was what was required and The Farm and the two families have grown together.

We have a strong commitment to growing Organically and with as few inputs as possible.  We NEVER spray! We use rock powders, minerals, Organic Compost and Pasture raise our Chickens for their soil amendments! Nothing else!!  We don't use black plastic row cover and limit our mechanical usage to keep fuel use as low as possible.  This translates into a very high quality product that tastes fantastic!!

We have been Hudson Farmers' Market Vendors since 2005! 

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